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Fares and Fees:

The basics:
$2.40 for the first 1/7 mile
40¢ each additional 1/7 mile ($2.80/mile)

The small print:
Minimum fare = $5
There will be a slightly higher entry fee if neither end of your trip is inside the city limits.
$1 trip fee for each passenger over two.
$5 extra fee for bicycles or pets.
Slow or stopped charge = 60¢/minute.
10% Senior Discount!
We accept Bay Bucks for up to half your fare.


NOTE: As a courtesy to our customers with groups of more than six people, we may substitute a 12 or 15 passenger shuttle van to accomodate your group. The price for these larger vehicles is 2X regular cab pricing. /fares.html
Created 10/4/2008. Modified 06/28/2019.
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